Innovative/sustainable solutions

What can we do and how should we think about the waste material from production line and restaurants? SOLE’s idea is to use the waste both when it comes to post-industrial pre-consumer to waste from post-industrial post-consumer such as coffee shops, fast food restaurants etc.
Since we are talking about different types of waste we need to use it for different type of end products. What won’t be better than building up new bowls and trays for the fast food industry from the post-industrial pre-consumer waste? Can it be handled? With PE-coated cups? Answer is YES but you need to process the material in right way and secure you use the plastic for the products advantage at a later stage.
What about waste from post-consumer? Not allowed to go back to any food packaging but what about using it for building up a strong light pallet?
Those are examples of the long term projects we run and want to achieve.

For more information about our waste projects please contact us either by phone or email.


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